Besuchen Sie das größte Tischplateau Europas /Visit Europe’s Largest Table Plateau
Installation and performance

images / text

Hansa Secondary School Cologne, in collaboration with the students of Class 7a, 1997

Two hundred tables were placed in a classroom and a part of the hallway on the second floor of the Hansa Secondary School in Cologne. They were arranged in such a way that a plateau was formed on which the members of the public could walk. During the exhibition’s opening hours, school children offered guided tours underneath the tables. Interested visitors were provided with protective clothing and helmets to assure their safety. They followed the tour guide’s lamp under the tables on their knees. The content and course of the guided tour were defined by each tour guide, i.e. the school child.

Onyx Shoe, Lier, Belgium, in collaboration with Guy DeBievre (sound) and Naomi Watanabe (tour guide), 1998

The first room of the group exhibition in the former shoe factory at Lier, Belgium, was filled with 300 tables. To reach the following exhibition spaces, the visitors had to negotiate their way through the table plateau. A loudspeaker installation by the Belgium artist Guy DeBievre as well as works by other artists from the group show who spontaneously decided to participate was situated underneath the tables. Naomi Watanabe was available as a tour guide to help the audience to traverse the space below. Like in the Cologne installation, protective clothing was provided to the audience members. The guided tour was in Japanese.